National Cyber Threat Sharing Platform AUSHIELD DEFEND is live

In a world-first, Australian businesses can now collaborate and protect each other from cybercrime, by joining Cybermerc’s federally funded national Threat Sharing Platform AUSHIELD DEFEND.  Built with support from AustCyber, AUSHIELD DEFEND aligns with the Australian Government’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, enabling large business, research partners and SMEs to collectively fight back against cyber threats. 

AUSHIELD DEFEND is an Internet portal that works by linking Australian businesses together in a world-first threat-sharing collaboration. New attacks targeting Australian networks are uploaded to DEFEND and analysed by expert human researchers assisted by machine learning.  The results are shared out to the DEFEND community as cutting-edge Cyber Threat Intelligence alerts and critical updates to network defences. 

Malicious cyber campaigns against Australians have escalated dramatically over 2020. In their Annual Cyber Threat Report, the Australian Cyber Security Centre reported a 70% rise in cyber security incidents between March and April this year, amid escalating international tensions and the switch to a work-from-home model, due to COVID-19.

Cybermerc’s CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Nevin said that to fight back, Australians must work together. “AUSHIELD DEFEND is now operational and with it, we have a critical opportunity to build a community of digital trust and strengthen the cyber defence of Australian networks.”

Joining Cybermerc on the project are the Australian National University, Vault Cloud, Anomali, Elastic, Fortinet and Australian start-ups SecureStack and Countersight. 

“The launch of AUSHIELD DEFEND marks a new and important collaborative approach to national cybersecurity,” said Andrew Goodall, Federal Director – Elastic Australia. “Using Elastic Stack to correlate new threat intelligence with data collected from the AUSHIELD community, Cybermerc and its partners will be able to respond faster to threats facing Australian organisations.”

AustCyber CEO Michelle Price said sharing cyber security threats across businesses is a great way to stay ahead of cyber criminal activities. “AUSHIELD is a fantastic example of investing in sovereign capability. The AustCyber Projects Fund is a $15 million, three-year initiative designed to help the Australian cyber security industry grow and take ideas globally.”

Cybermerc is inviting organisations to join the AUSHIELD DEFEND early adopter program and gain immediate access, with the platform available for open subscription in early 2021. Members of the cyber community wishing to join AUSHIELD DEFEND should contact Cybermerc at or on 0417 888 541.

How does AUSHIELD work?