AUSHIELD DEFEND is a Threat Sharing Platform that links Australian industry, researchers and businesses of all sizes together within a community of digital trust. 

New attacks targeting Australian networks can be uploaded to AUSHIELD DEFEND, then investigated and analysed by a collaborating team of expert human researchers, assisted by machine learning.

The resulting Cyber Threat Intelligence is shared with the community and used to update across Australian networks, creating a collective defence. AUSHIELD DEFEND is our collaborative cyber security solution to protect Australia's digital borders.

AUSHIELD DETECT is an Australian-built Intrusion Detection System and Threat Hunting Platform, designed to identify the advanced threats most commonly seen within enterprise networks, such as data breaches, and malware and ransomware attacks.

AUSHIELD DETECT provides rapid and detailed insight into patterns of malicious cyber activity within network traffic through sensor deployment and network investigation.

Beyond identifying threats, AUSHIELD DETECT also serves as a training platform, allowing Cybermerc Analysts to work collaboratively with internal security teams. Internal teams are supported in Threat Hunt and empowered through training to identify patterns of malicious activity within their network traffic, using their existing in-house security solutions. 

Cybermerc is able to offer the following services through individual engagements, as ongoing consultancies, or bundled to a package with our product offerings.

Cybermerc GUARD are hand-picked experts, drawn from multiple domains of cyber security practice and intelligence operations. All Cybermerc staff hold high-level Australian Federal Government security clearances.

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