Sovereign defence of our digital borders.


Our networks are under constant attack from Malicious Cyber Actors, but we are still defending ourselves in isolation from each other. Cybermerc was founded on the principle that we must all work together to meet the challenges of cyber security. Cybermerc’s technologies and services are built with the singular mission of forging a defensive partnership that stretches across the APAC and beyond. We can meet this challenge through collaboration. We can defend our Digital Borders. We can be Secure Together.

Our Story

Cybermerc was founded by former Australian law enforcement and national security professionals.

The founders hold the conviction that government alone cannot defend our Digital Economy against the scale and sophistication of cyber threats.

Cybermerc’s continued success stems from its commitment to forging partnerships across industry, research and government.

Our technologies and services are designed to forge the partnerships needed to defend our Digital Border.

Matthew Nevin

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthew is a qualified solicitor with over 15 years of specialised experience in cyber gained from within Defence and law enforcement. Matthew now manages all aspects of Cybermerc operations as its Chief Executive Officer.

Paul Nevin

Co-Founder & CTO

Paul is Cybermerc’s Chief Technical Officer. His career has been focussed on developing solutions within the national security and intelligence agencies, to combat the rising threat of cyber crime and cyber espionage. Paul holds a range of qualifications including a Masters in Cyber Security.

Andrew Slater

Head of Partnerships

A keen and passionate technologist, Andrew has spent the last 20+ years designing and delivering secure solutions across Defence and Federal Government clients. Andrew now brings that knowledge and experience to leading Partnerships and Engagement for Cybermerc.

Nathan Herbert

Chief Security Officer

Nathan is the Chief Security Officer, Head Trainer and Senior Intelligence Analyst for Cybermerc. Nathan is passionate about the defence of Australia. He draws on 26 years in the Australian Defence Force, corporate security, multiple deployments and a Masters in Terrorism and Security to provide expert analysis, security advice and training.

Chakri Castillo

Operations Manager

Chakri manages daily operations at Cybermerc. After completing her undergraduate degree, Chakri built her professional career in communications and operations management across multiple industries. As a digital native, Chakri is deeply passionate about the cybersphere. She is completing a Juris Doctor, specialising in cyber law.

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