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Small & Medium Enterprise


AUSHIELD is an affordable, sovereign hardware Intrusion Prevention System (firewall) that blocks malicious attacks against SME networks.  Cybermerc have developed AUSHIELD with funding from AustCyber, in partnership with industry-leader Fortinet and sovereign cloud provider Vault Cloud.

AUSHIELD connects SME clients together in a unique defensive collaboration; an attack against any AUSHIELD client updates the entire client base.  Behind AUSHIELD, analysts from Cybermerc and leading research institutions including the Australian National University, continually test and refine detection methods, using the latest attacks targeted against Australian businesses to ensure AUSHIELD clients are protected.

AUSHIELD is sold through an annual subscription service.  In addition to the AUSHIELD firewall, add-on bundled services include a network health-check, Security Monitoring Service and a specialist threat hunting subscription.  Through AUSHIELD, Cybermerc partners with each client, working with them to identify key risks, train staff and deliver a roadmap to continuously improve their cyber security posture.

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Enterprise Customers


REDZENIT is an entirely new approach to security.  It recognises that market leading security solutions are only as effective as the analysts operating them, and the currency of data informing those solutions.

Starting with a tactical deployment of REDZENIT sensors into high-risk network segments, Cybermerc analysts work closely with internal security teams to conduct threat hunting operations within the clients network.

Using unique data sets obtained from analysis of the latest malware campaigns, Cybermerc analysts hunt down Indicators of Compromise that other solutions have missed.  Following any Incident Response and remediation that is required, Cybermerc will then provide security and threat hunting training to internal staff, to develop the clients internal capability.

Beyond the initial engagement, Cybermerc prefers to forge an ongoing partnership with clients, continuing with them on their security journey.  Security Monitoring and Threat Hunting services are available as add-on subscriptions to REDZENIT, along with a suite of professional development training courses.

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Cyber Professionals


Cybermerc’s custom training curriculum is Australia’s first and only suite of courses developed to meet the requirements of the ASD Cyber Skills Framework.

Courses are taught on Cybermerc’s custom Cyber Range. Students safely interact with the latest real world malware, learning first to attack a network, then switching to defence and the identification of evidence left behind.

Students are trained on market-leading security technologies in order to understand how to use their existing security stack effectively.

Cybermerc trainers are security cleared and have a minimum of ten years operational experience in their fields. Most trainers have come directly from the Australian national security and intelligence community.

Each student receives custom tags upon graduation, with each course designed to progress students along the critical pathway to cyber mastery.

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Threat Intelligence


SHIELDWALL is a Threat Intelligence Portal dedicated to identifying threats and sharing information on attacks targeting the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region.  Cybermerc have partnered with the Australian National University, Anomali, Vault Cloud and startups SecureStack and CounterSight to bring SHIELDWALL to APAC partners.

SHIELDWALL is a dedicated APAC asset, bringing together a community of threat professionals and researchers to share detection rulesets (STIX/TAXI) and reports concerning specific Malicious Cyber Actors and campaigns.  Private sector companies can subscribe to a STIX/TAXI feed from SHIELDWALL, incorporating this into their Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems.  Industry are encouraged to upload their own STIX/TAXI rulesets for the benefit of the SHIELDWALL community.

The unique ‘engine-room’ within SHIELDWALL is a repository of the latest malware and threat telemetry, captured from attacks against Cybermerc’s worldwide network of honeypots.  Using a secure query API, researchers can leverage this attack data to teach AI, test their algorithms and apply Machine Learning against the latest attacks targeting APAC networks.

Cybermerc enriches SHIELDWALL with a series of Deception Operations; the latest malware is detonated and analysed within decoy networks.  The resulting analysis is converted into a unique detection ruleset and threat reporting service, available as a seperate SHIELDWALL subscription.

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Security Consultancy


The Varangian Guard are Cybermerc’s team of elite cyber security consulting professionals.

Cybermerc recruits the very best security cleared personnel from the national security and intelligence communities, leveraging their highly specialised skillsets to protect private networks.

The Varangian Guard consult directly to clients for Incident Response, remediation, strategy and architecture services. In addition, they deliver a specialised threat hunt capability for clients, using the AUSHIELD and REDZENIT platforms.

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