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Cyber Security Bootcamp (CSB)

CSB covers the security essential fundamentals needed to understand the risks and opportunities of cyber security. The course balances theory with engaging, hands-on exercises designed to arm students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to secure their organisations critical information assets and systems.

CSB does not require any prior technical knowledge and is accessible to all skill levels. The course is focussed on imparting an understanding of cyber risk to students, arming them with the knowledge and ability to identify, prioritise and mitigate cyber risks within their workplace.

CSB draws from across all elements of the ASD Cyber Skills Framework to create a coherent, overarching understanding of the cyber knowledge domains, and their interrelationship.

CSL balances the requirements of Security Managers to understand and combine technical knowledge with the skills of leadership, risk management and incident response. Aligning to the capabilities defined within ASD’s ‘Cyber Security Advice and Assessment’ pathway, CSL encompasses domains including governance, policy, security strategy and legal/regulatory, amongst others.

Contextualised within hands-on labs, case-studies, team-based exercises and scenarios, students are taught the skills needed to respond to critical incidents, and to build resilience in their organisations through strategic planning and security project management.

CTA is an engaging, practical course that every security practitioner should attend. It takes the Analyst beyond the shallow recognition of SIEM alerts into an understanding of the capability, intent and behaviours of Malicious Cyber Actors that attack their network. Threat intelligence, assessment and modelling domains are taught through a combination of lab exercises and lectures.

Cybermerc’s state of the art Cyber Range is used to replay the latest real-world attacks against leading security technologies, arming students with the practical skills and knowledge they can apply back on their production systems.

Beyond the technology, students are invited to enter the adversary mindset, attacking staged targets with malware and intrusion techniques, then pivoting to defending against those attacks and recovering the evidence left behind. The course culminates in a RED/BLUE team exercise where students get to demonstrate what they have learned and embed their new skills and knowledge.

Its Friday afternoon and as you prepare for your weekend, you get a call from ACSC letting you know your agencies network is compromised and a Threat Actor is actively exfiltrating data. Do you know what to do?

This course combines essential knowledge from the domains of security operations management, intrusion detection/analysis, incident management and forensics to arm the practitioner with the theory and knowledge needed to respond when their network is breached.

The threat to networks is increasing in scale and sophistication. ACA combines elements of Incident Response and Cyber Intelligence Analysis to arm students with the knowledge to proactively hunt threats on their networks and continuously improve their organisations security posture.

Using real-world intrusions as case studies and exercises, Cybermerc’s trainers will take students through breaches, learning what was done well and what was not. The trainers are often speaking from direct experience of those breaches and this class can be run at higher classifications, depending on the attendee constitution.

Deception Operations, Active Cyber Defence and elements of digital forensics are covered to ensure students graduate the class with practical skills to take their enterprise security to the next level.

Using ex-Defence trainers with real-world experience of operational OSINT, this course provides a deep-dive into the tools and techniques of OSINT gathering.

The course prepares students from a variety of backgrounds to apply OSINT to their unique operational, tactical and strategic requirements, distilling decades of tradecraft into practical labs and group exercises.

Using Cybermerc’s custom Cyber Range, students are also taught counterintelligence techniques and the ways in which to anonymise their online activity to ensure no trace of their interest is left behind.

Cybermerc have created significant custom training for leading Australian Universities, government agencies including Defence and the private sector. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more, or to be put in contact with previous clients for their testimonials.

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